Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Review: At The Seams by Gayle Katz @booksbygayle

At The Seams

by Gayle Katz

Genre: Psychological Horror, Short Story


One young woman.

Two vicious crimes.

Thirty sleepless nights.

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My Review:

Amanda was having trouble sleeping. She fought it and tried for over a month to sleep without any success. She finally reached the end of her rope and decided to seek professional help.

Professional help that caused some very strange things in her life. Things that could turn her life upside down. Amanda didn’t like the person she thought she was becoming.

At The Seams is a short story that is filled with lots of suspense and mystery that kept me wondering what was around the next corner. At The Seams starts out making you believe one thing and then surprises you with a giant twist somewhere in between and then slaps a very surprising ending on you.  

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