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Review Tour + #Giveaway: Trygg the Dinosaur by Paula Louise Salvador @GoddessFish


Trygg The Dinosaur

by Paula Louise Salvador

GENRE: Middle Grade / Young Adult Fiction


Trygg and Alta are two young dinosaurs from opposite sides of the floodplain.

He's small in size and all alone in the world. He's looking for some meat to eat.

She's large and tall, and she hasn't seen her parents in days. She's looking for some plants to eat.
Could they really become friends?
This story takes place seventy-six million years ago, but good friendships can last forever.
Not that it is ever easy.
The hardest part is to stay loyal to each other in spite of what the rest of the herd thinks.


His hard work had tired him out, so he sat down in the nest. He was about to fall asleep when he felt the island tremble slightly. It was enough to cause one of the other eggs to slip toward him. He put his mouth around the egg’s pointed end, making sure the sharp tips of his teeth didn’t break through the shell. Then he gently settled it back in the damp ground at his feet. But why was his nest moving like that? 

Using his tail for balance, he eased up and peeked over the top of the nest. A rush of cold air hit him in the face just as cawing broke out in the trees overhead. Flocks of birds darted from branch to branch, making loud warning calls. And the ground started to shake so much that he struggled to stay standing. 

At the edge of the island, a group of animals leapt out of the shallows. At first, he thought that they were like the birds above him, except they looked too big to be able to fly. Besides, they moved by running with their heads stuck out in front of them. Instead of wings, they had long arms and hands with three fingers—and they had claws. 

They were just like him. 

The pack swarmed past. A reddish-brown one at the end skidded to a stop. He towered over the nest, and slobber dribbled from his small pointed teeth. “Hey, little Troödon!” he called out, but when he got no reaction, he shook his head in frustration. “I’m talkin’ to YOU!” he said with a growl. “You see any other Troödons alive in that ring of dirt?” The dinosaur glanced nervously over his shoulder. “You’re gonna have to move fast, kid,” he shouted, then he turned to flee. 

Mudslide comin’ through!”

My Review:

Trygg the Dinosaur is about two orphan dinosaurs. One is a meat-eater and the other is a plant-eater. They are orphaned straight out of the egg. They never knew their parents. They learn to survive on their own.

Alta a plant-eater has had a few foster parents throughout her young life but still, she is alone. Alta finds a family or a village of plant-eaters to live with. No one really wants to be Alta’s friend as she has a bad leg and isn’t as fast as everyone else. But Alta is way stronger than most in her little tribe in different ways.

Alta’s little tribe allows her to stay with their group as long as she is pulling her weight and helping to take care and protect everyone in the group. Alta does what she can to protect the tribe but when she needs their help they leave her behind. They don’t protect her like she has been doing for them.

Trygg a meat-eater has tried all his little life to get his meat-eater friends to play with him and just let him be a part of their group but they don’t want anything to do with him because he is so small. Trygg was the runt of his liter. They pick on him. They can run faster than he can and never wait up for him. They are always leaving him behind.

Then one day Trygg meets Alta and they become fast friends even though they are normally enemies. Even though Trygg is a meat-eater he doesn’t always have to eat meat. Alta tries to protect Trygg with her body as he is so small. Trygg may be small but he is strong in other areas.

Trygg the Dinosaur is a great book for both parents and children. Trygg the Dinosaur is for anyone who likes dinosaurs. It is a great story to teach children that they need to get to know someone before making any harsh judgments about someone. They just might not meet the profile that is put upon them. Trygg the Dinosaur is a great way to teach children that we all have our differences but we can still be friends.

I highly recommend Trygg the Dinosaur to all fans of dinosaurs! One-click your copy of Trygg the Dinosaur to meet two wonderfully awesome characters!  

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Paula Louise Salvador has had great adventures as a documentary film maker and writer. The scariest was when she stood under the ribs of a Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton – in the dark! The most fun was filming dinosaur dig-sites from a helicopter. On the dangerous side, she had to dodge alligators in Mississippi – and keep all fingers and toes out of the water.

Paula has met fascinating people, particularly jazz legend Oscar Peterson and composer Philip Glass, who performed in her show on electronic music. 

In “BUILD GREEN” for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s “THE NATURE OF THINGS”, Paula and Dr. David Suzuki visited rock star Randy Bachman’s super sustainable house. (He played his guitar for us.)

Finally, it was a tiny dinosaur that captured Paula’s heart. For her documentary “DINOSAUR BABIES The North American Story”, Paula held the fossilized egg of a little Troödon. He was curled up inside, just about to hatch. (His leg bones looked like a chicken’s.) That’s where Paula’s story of Trygg begins. 

Paula has a Masters in French Literature from l’Université de Provence, France and a Bachelor of Arts (including Children’s Literature) from McGill University, Canada.








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