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Christmas in Evergreen: Bells are Ringing
Lacey Baker
Published by: Hallmark Publishing
Publication date: November 2nd 2021
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Holiday, Romance

Welcome back to Evergreen,
the town built on Christmas wishes…
And learn what happens
after one snow-globe wish comes true.

Life is going great for Hannah, really. She’s fallen in love with her best friend, her brother is getting married, and she’s looking forward to another festive Christmas in Evergreen.  Still, between her job, taking charge of the choir, and being the town’s jill-of-all-trades, she’s feeling uninspired…especially when Elliot starts to question his own role in the town.

Hannah finds fresh inspiration in the brand-new Evergreen Christmas Museum, and she volunteers for their storytelling project. When she interviews her fellow Evergreenians, however, she learns that not everyone wants the museum around; specifically Mr. Cooper who owns a third of the building. As Hannah finds herself with more and more responsibilities, and as her relationships with Elliot and her family grow strained, she starts to wonder about what she really wants. Can her love and newly-found purpose survive the changes that loom after the holidays are over?

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“Once upon a time…well, fourth upon a time way up north in the tiny town of Evergreen, Vermont there lived—”

“There lived a woman who loved Christmas very, very, very much,” Hannah chimed in as she crossed the carpeted floor of the Evergreen Library’s reading room to stand next to Nick.

Nick’s boisterous laughter erupted. “Well, if it isn’t Hannah Turner.” He glanced at Hannah and then out to the dozen or so people sitting in rows of chairs. Nick greeted tour groups weekly and this one seemed captivated by his snowy white hair and full beard. His appearance along with that signature laugh made Nick the perfect spokesperson for a Christmas town such as Evergreen. “You’ve lived in Evergreen all your life, Hannah…why don’t you tell us a story about some of the people here,” he continued.

“Thanks Nick,” she replied and tapped a finger to her chin. There were so many people in Evergreen that she loved and admired and the list of stories she could tell, well, Hannah’s busy schedule wouldn’t allow for her to stay that long. “Now, then, I’ve lived in Evergreen all my life. I’ve seen people come and go. Our town vet, Allie, for example. She met her husband Ryan and her stepdaughter Zoe here.” Clasping her hands in front of her now, Hannah smiled out to the interested bunch whose attention was now focused on her.

“A while ago, I watched my friend Lisa rediscover the magic of Evergreen and then she bought Daisy’s general store and fell for Kevin Miller.” Hannah couldn’t help but sigh with that lovely memory. “And yes, I was here when well-meaning journalist, Katie Connell, met her match at the library and landed the story of her life with Ben Baxter. And as if that wasn’t miracle enough that Christmas, my brother Thomas, proposed to Michelle right there in front of everyone at the Evergreen Christmas Festival.”

Not to fall too deep into the memories without acknowledging some good points for herself, Hannah continued, “And I’ve had a few stories of my own. I wished on the snow globe for someone and…I found someone, I fell in love with my best friend, Elliot. I guess you know what Christmas does to people around here.”

Once she put it like that, Hannah tilted her head and recalled all the times she’d wished on that snow globe, only to have none of those wishes come true. Or at least she hadn’t noticed that any had come true, not until Elliot. And boy, hadn’t that still come as a complete shock to her. Who would’ve thought after all the years she’d known Elliot and how much time they’d spent together at her parent’s Tinker Shop, that one day they’d look at each other and see something totally new, refreshing and spectacular?

Shaking at all the feels thinking about her romance with Elliot routinely brought, Hannah cleared her throat and smiled at Nick. “Anyway, this story starts with the Evergreen Christmas Museum. It’s the story of…well, of my Christmas in Evergreen.”

Author Bio:

Lacey Baker, a Maryland native, lives with her husband, three children, two grandchildren and English Bulldog in what most would call Suburban America–a townhouse development where everybody knows each other and each other’s kids. Family cook-outs, reunion vacations, and growing up in church have all inspired Lacey to work towards her dreams and to write about the endurance of family and the quest to find everlasting love. To date she has written in several genres including small town romance, YA paranormal (as Artist Arthur), a cozy mystery series titled Rumors and adult paranormal (as A.C. Arthur).

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