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Review: The Haunting of Belford Manor (Otherworld Archives Book 3) by David Viergutz

The Haunting of Belford Manor

Otherworld Archives #3

by David Viergutz

Published: February 2, 2022

Publisher: Terror Ink Publishing

Genre: Horror, Fiction,


One mansion’s foundation creaks with the weight of its secrets.

Marcus, a convicted felon, serves out his sentence, dreaming of his life before his days were spent eating slop and narrowly avoiding being shanked in the shower.

Release day comes, and it’s not as sweet as he thought it would be.



Entirely alone.

Maybe he was better off in prison…

But opportunities for felons are few and far between and the famous Belford Manor needs a caretaker. Where others may see a spooky, crumbling estate, Marcus envisions a future for himself, where he can heal and move on. But everything isn’t what it seems, and questions about the house quickly become impossible to ignore.

Now, Marcus is entangled in a mystery older than the dirt the house is built on. Its walls pulse with a fetid horror that makes the lonely felon wish for his cell. The manor wants more than Marcus’s attention. It may very well want his soul too.

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My Review:

Like the first two books in the Otherworld Archives, The Haunting of Belford Manor drew me into its depths from the first page and it still has its claws in me long after I have read the last page.

The Haunting of Belford Manor is a very haunting read that will keep you glued to its pages wondering what is waiting for Marcus on each hall and room of Belford Manor as he digs deep into its secrets. Secrets that were revealed slowly one after the other kept me in suspense the whole time not knowing what to expect.

The descriptions are so vividly written I could see each and every scene as it played out in my head as if I was right there in the midst of it all. I could see Marcus as he wandered through the halls. I saw them as being dark, misty, and eerie, floorboards creaking with each step as he made his way down each long and dark hallway.

I love dark, eerie, and haunting ghosts stories. I have sorely enjoyed reading The Haunting of Belford Manor and can’t wait for more haunting stories in future books from the Otherworld Archives!

The Haunting of Belford Manor is one book that I highly recommend! Grab your copy of The Haunting of Belford Manor for another haunting adventure from the Otherworld Archives today!

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