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Book Tour: Demon Esha by Mel S. @RABTBookTours

Paranormal Erotica

Date Published: April 6, 2022

Publisher: Mindstir Media

It's letting yourself feel every feeling. It's fulfillment and satisfaction mixed with yearning for more...

I couldn't imagine switching places with her. I had wanted to at first. When we met, I was so envious of her freedom and fire. She could do whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted. She didn't have anything or anyone holding her back. She was encouraged to be naughty. She danced with fire and never got burned, ever.

Esha is the Demon of Desire. Rachel is a happily married mom of two with an office job, a gorgeous husband, and an insatiable need for more. More everything. Join Esha as she helps Rachel discover and embrace her true self. Is evil really evil? Is good really good? Will the blaze inside Rachel eventually be her undoing or is it just the beginning of something she could have never imagined?

Interview with Mel S.

    What is your personal favorite Quote or Words to Live by?

    I’ve always loved the phrase “You do you!” To me, it is empowering and implies that you shouldn’t worry so much about other people’s opinions and reactions. Focus on myself and my goals and intentions. I have to remind myself of the importance of this often.

    In your book, who is your favorite/most relatable character?

    Rachel. She enjoys pushing boundaries and ignoring the opinions of others, or at least trying to. She is torn between the things that matter and the things she has been told that matter. She strives to be authentic but struggles with her own inner insecurities. I feel the same way. Even with this book, my maiden voyage of books, I’ve struggled with writing what I want to write and not worrying about the reaction of others. Rachel’s goal is being true to herself, as is mine.

    In your book, what is your favorite chapter?

    It’s really a toss up between chapters six and seven, but I’d have to say chapter seven is my favorite. You learn a lot about the real life of Rachel and James and the dynamics of their marriage. Rachel also gets a deeper glimpse of Satan and he asks her thought provoking questions that will stick with her throughout this Trilogy. Chapter seven has plot altering scenarios that were crazy for me to write because I had no idea what I was writing until I wrote it, if that makes sense. Writing feels so magical at times!

    Please share your favorite excerpt from your book?

    Esha sat beside me on the plane, between me and the window. She was perched on my armrest. She was scheming, I could tell because she was quiet. God only knows what might happen on this trip, I thought to myself. Our last trip was sex with the bartender. Hot, inappropriate, very wet sex. Taboo sex. How dare you, sex. Sex that made my eyes catch on fire. Esha would have been so proud. Now I was ready, excited, and tender with anticipation. That’s the best way to be; tender, that’s when you know you’re ready. Tender and moist, much like Thanksgiving turkey. Esha chuckled and shook her head at my analogy.

    I wonder if he still has my panties?” I leaned over and asked my husband. The man in the seat in front of us sat up straighter.

    He does,” James stated very matter-of-factly.

    I like this excerpt because it gives the readers a little glimpse into the feel of this book. It is sexy, carefree, and witty.

    Please share your favorite quote from your book.

    To touch her, was to burn. To watch her, was to transform.” This quote is about Rachel’s reaction to Esha and how she felt the first time they melt. It was a moment she’d never forget and a huge turning point in her life.

    Explain your book cover design concept and how you came up with the idea.

    Every girl has their dream of a place by a river; a place they can go sit alone and listen to the water. Perhaps not every girl, but I’m sure every Pisces girl! This was my place. It was my place to run to when I was scared, my place to go celebrate when I was happy, and my place to just chill. It was my place to go skinny-dipping and be free. I wanted my readers to picture such a place. I wanted it to be on the edge of a hayfield because I was always on the edge of a hayfield growing up. I wanted it to be at sunset because that was always the best time of day. I wanted it to look inviting so my readers felt comfortable sitting under my apple tree, eating peaches and drinking sangria. I wanted Esha to be there, leaning against the tree looking innocent yet seductive. I love my book cover!

    Even though your book is Fiction, is it based on a real-life experience?

    I like to say this is a fiction book, but has some roots in non-fiction reality. Not every scene is based on real-life experience, but some are. It certainly adds a sense of bewilderment and leaves readers wondering and hopefully relating to some aspects of the story. It has been very fun to write and I look forward to seeing the Trilogy all together! 

About the Author

Although Mel grew up in Vacationland, she never really started exploring the world around her until adulthood. A true Pisces at heart, she enjoys the Maine coast where the water and gentle breeze revitalize her soul and inspire her to write. She would like to thank her husband for being her partner in crime, and for his constant support and determination to see her live her dreams.

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