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Virtual Book Tour + Review + #Giveaway: Fixed Moon by Katie Groom @vintage_katie_ @GoddessFish

Fixed Moon

by Katie Groom

GENRE: Paranormal Romance


After breaking her engagement and traveling 800 miles to start her life over, literature student Zoie is ready to live her life within the books she reads and the worlds she creates on the page. She will live her life solo — only her stuffed animal Judy by her side.

Werewolf and literature professor Hugh has long been wary of letting people into his life, even for someone who’s almost 200. His life in Birmingham, Alabama, and his only two friends in the world are enough to keep him content. Not happy, but as near as he figures is possible.

Neither is ready for the literal sparks that fly when they meet. But Hugh knows those sparks mean his heart belongs to Zoie, whether she wants it or not. Desperate to prove he’s worthy of her, Hugh takes Zoie to places mortals are forbidden, drawing dangerous attention to them both.

Now, together with their closest friends, Hugh and Zoie fight against ancient foes and even more ancient laws for their lives and their love.

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Stevie placed her hands in front of her as if she was holding a big beach ball and closed her eyes. The boat shook ever so slightly and then the water started to rise above the sides of the boat.

Terrified that they were going to take on water, Zoie latched onto Hugh’s arm. She watched as either the water continued to rise above the boat or, maybe, the boat was sinking below the water.

As the water arched over their heads and created a ceiling, a fish fell at their feet. “Do I release it back or will that be an issue?” Zoie picked it up and waited for the signal — a nod from Stevie. Then she tossed it back towards the wall of water before it wiggled out of her hands. 

The boat travelled further down into the depths of the ocean, slowly at first — as Stevie gauged Zoie’s  potential reaction to increased pressure around the boat. The water grew a darker and darker blue until the only light was what was held in their own bubble. 

Zoie was standing at the edge of the boat, holding the railing, when she saw a small light. She leaned forward to get a better look. Squinting her eyes, she tried to make out what was holding the light. She leaned further forward only to be inches from the wall of water — and inches from many rows of giant, pointy teeth. 

Jumping back, she gasped and placed her hand over her mouth.

My Review:

Fixed Moon took me by surprise on more than one occasion. It is filled with lots and lots of twists and turns that kept me glued to the pages. The suspense was so intense it kept me hanging on page after page. I couldn’t wait to see what lay around the next corner. I must say that Fixed Moon is unlike anything I have before. I loved the new twists or take on the vampires.

After breaking off her engagement Zoie, a literature student travels 800 miles to attend the University of Alabama at Birmingham in Birmingham, Alabama. All Zoie wants now after breaking her engagement is to be left alone where she can throw herself into her writing and studies.

At the university, Zoie meets Werewolf and literature professor Hugh. Zoie and Hugh meet each other in the hall one day while Hugh is reading a book and not paying attention to where he is going collides with Zoie.

Hugh has some problems of his own not to mention he has a few secrets that he is keeping from the world. Sparks start to fly between Zoie and Hugh from the first moment they lay eyes on each other.

Once I picked up Fixed Moon I was hooked and I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough to see how it was all going to come out in the end. And speaking of the end, that was one ending I never saw coming. It took me by surprise, I was so flabbergasted. I mean I didn’t know which end was up for a while there. I couldn’t believe what I had just read. I was like no way that didn’t just happen but needless to say it did. I must say that it was heart-wrenching, to say the least.

I enjoyed reading Fixed Moon so much that I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for their next great read! One-click your copy of Fixed Moon today!

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Katie Groom grew up in rural Pennsylvania, where she received her bachelor’s degree in Business Management from PITT and her master’s in Employment and Labor Relations from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. In 2016, she decided to move to Alabama in order to avoid as much snow as possible (and to advance her career in Human Resources).

When she isn’t working, Katie enjoys reading, writing, jokingly critiquing movies and TV, and campaigning that the plural of moose should be meese. She also loves to take in live music (especially Hanson) and traveling, with the goal of reaching each of the continents. Katie’s favorite pastime, however, is spending time with her beloved Shih tzu, Delta.

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