Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Review: The Charterhouse of Evil (Haunting Clarisse #5) by Janice Tremayne

The Charterhouse of Evil

Haunting Clarisse #5

by Janice Tremayne

Published: October 4, 2022

Publisher: Millport Press

Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Paranormal, Supernatural


Bound to life old and new, the sins of the departed still haunt her. When wickedness infects the innocent, can she see the curse undone?

Western Australia. Clarisse Garcia is ready to return stronger than ever. With her husband by her side, the plucky spirit hunter is back on familiar territory with an assignment for Benedictine monks. And now she’s out to vanquish whatever evil is plaguing the monastic village that caused orphans to mysteriously die.

With what could be a voracious demon on her hands, Clarisse partners up with a man who grew up in the local orphanage to investigate suspicious activities. And as they dig through the monastery’s shrouded history, she discovers that some of these servants of God might not be as benign as they claim… and she may be their next quarry.

Can this driven woman end the impiety before more lives are sent to the grave?

The Charterhouse of Evil is the shocking fifth book in the Haunting Clarisse supernatural horror series. If you like bold characters, adrenaline-spiking investigations, and jaw-dropping twists and turns, then you’ll love Janice Tremayne’s malevolent tale.

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My Review:

Orphans are dying mysteriously. Clarisse is asked by Benedictine monks to look into the deaths of the little boys. Clarisse teams up with a man who lives in the area to help her in her investigation. Clarisse finds that some of the priests are not as innocent as everyone may believe.

The Charterhouse of Evil is filled with lots of suspense that kept me glued to the pages. The Charterhouse of Evil is a fast-paced spooky read with quite a few enormous twists that had me racing to the end to see how it was all going to turn out.

The descriptions of each scene were so vivid that I kept looking over my shoulder thinking something was in the room with me but when I looked around there was nothing there.

When you read The Charterhouse of Evil be sure and leave the lights on if you are reading it at night. But I would like to suggest that you read it in the daylight as there are some pretty scary scenes.

Scenes that are described in such detail that you feel as if you are there with Clarisse and that chair. I could see it all playing out in my head as if I was a part of its world. At times I felt as if I was Clarisse.

Some scenes were so eerie I could just see the mist swirling on the ground as it surrounded Clarisse. The mist was so thick that you could barely see your hand in front of your face.

I could feel everything that Clarisse was feeling when she was walking around in that mist wondering what was going to happen to her and how she would get out of this one alive or that is what I imagined at the time that she might have been thinking.

I would love to see every book in the Haunting Clarisse series on the big screen as I believe they would make a great TV show.

If you like reading horrifying books, I highly suggest you pick up a copy of The Charterhouse of Evil today!

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