Thursday, December 1, 2022

Review: The Union by Leah Vernon @LeahJVernon

The Union

The Union #1

by Leah Vernon

Published: December 1, 2022

Publisher: 47North

Genre: Dystopian, Science Fiction


From author and body-positive activist Leah Vernon comes a daring dystopian novel that explores the power of friendship in a future society built on violence and division.

A thousand years in the future, a Black elite class reigns. The lower classes toil in the fields or scrape by in blighted cities, serving their rulers in a cruel, divided world.

Among the Elites is eighteen-year-old Avi Jore, born to a powerful father and destined to rule. But as she comes of age, Avi cannot help but notice the injustices in her world—the treatment of enslaved workers, the oppression of the lower classes. Her disillusionment grows when she meets Saige Wilde, a mixed-race enslaved girl whose only goal is escaping beyond the borders of their brutal nation.

When Saige saves Avi from an assassination attempt, their paths become intertwined in ways they never imagined. As Saige plots her path to freedom, Avi tries to enact change from the inside. But it’s a complicated endeavor, fraught with danger and malice.

Together, their efforts could spark a revolution—and underscore the staggering power of friendship.

Publisher Note: This title was previously self-published as Impure. This edition of The Union includes substantial editorial revisions.

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My Review:

The Union is set far into the future. A future where the world is divided by race. The Union is told from two girls' points of view. One girl, eighteen-year-old Avi Jore is the daughter of a powerful man. Avi lives among the Elite. But Avi is beginning to see how the lower class is treated and wants to change things.

The Union is also told from Saige Wilde, a mixed-race enslaved girl's point of view. Saige lives in the lower class section. Saige is working toward the day when she will be free. Saige wants nothing more than to step foot into the land of freedom. She has been planning her escape for a long time.

Saige and Avi meet when Saige saves Avi’s life from an assassination attempt. Saige and Avi become friends. Saige and Avi are working together to save their world.

The Union is a fast-paced read that kept me hooked from the first page to the last. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough as I was pulled deeper into Saige and Avi’s world.

I liked all the characters, well, most of them anyway. Some I was not too fond of. The Union will pull different emotions from you. One minute you are filled with rage but then others are a complete turnaround. There are times when you are happy for the characters but there are some sad times.

The Union is a book that will be an eye-opener for some but probably not for others. The Union is a book that will give you a lot to think about. The Union is not a book for everyone.

With saying all that I would still recommend The Union to dystopian fans. Grab your copy of The Union today!

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