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Review: Another Hit (Wildcatters Hockey Series #3) by Alexa Padgett @AlexaPadgett

Another Hit

Wildcatters Hockey Series #3

by Alexa Padgett

Published: May 2, 2023

Publisher: Sidecar Press, Inc.

Genre: Sports, Romance, Romantic Comedy


Ours is a marriage of convenience…until it isn’t.

What do you get when you throw a stoic D-Man, a free-spirited art therapist, and an enormous dog into a house? It sounds like an opening line to a joke. But this is my life...

I never expected to find myself legally tied to Maxim Dolov, the star defenseman for the Houston Wildcatters. Between his visa issues and my angry ex, a marriage on paper solves all our problems. Until our marriage becomes real… too real and I’m forced to confront the truth about our future: I don’t want our marriage to end.

Another Hit will have you cheering for Maxim and Ida Jane’s happily ever after. Don’t miss this story with its sizzling chemistry and heart-pounding hockey action.

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My Review:

Another Hit is the third book in the Wildcatters Hockey Series and just as good if not better than the first two books. Another Hit drew me in from the first page and has not let go yet. I am still in Maxim and Ida Jane’s world as I sit here writing my review. Another Hit is told from both Maxim and Ida Jane’s points of view.

Alexa Padgett knows how to write a story that will pull you into its world and before you know it you are feeling all the emotions that the characters are feeling as if they were your own. I fell in love with the Wildcatters Hockey Series world from the first book. I love all the characters as they all seem so real. Their stories may start off sad but once they meet their world seems to lighten up a bit.

Another Hit had me in tears on many occasions as I raced through the story. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough as I was so worried about Ida Jane and Maxim and what was going to happen to both of them.

In the opening scene, Ida Jane is fighting with her ex-boyfriend and I do believe that Ida Jane was holding her own pretty well. She knows how to throw a punch and even a kick or two, taught to her by her brothers when she was younger.

Ida Jane’s ex was very abusive to her. He cheated on her so she left him but in his mind, she still belongs to him. Ida Jane’s ex, Dillon has a baby with the woman he cheated with and now he seems to think that Ida Jane should take care of his baby until he can figure out how to be a dad. In his opinion, his girlfriend the baby’s mother doesn’t know how to be a mom. What a douchebag, right? I mean this guy has a problem, a big problem.

Maxim a hockey player has just been informed that he may lose his green card and have to return to Russia. Everyone is telling him that his only option at this late date may be for him to get married. Maxim has no intention of ever marrying, especially after losing someone very close and dear to his heart. But he may not have a choice if he wants to stay in the country and play hockey.

But things start to change for him the moment he witnesses Ida Jane’s ex attacking her. After witnessing Ida Jane’s attack Maxim takes her under his wing. He wants nothing more than to protect her and keep her safe.

Can Maxim keep Ida Jane safe from her ex? Can they save each other? Want to know all the answers? The only way to know all the answers is to grab a copy of Another Hit today and read Maxim and Ida Jane’s story! I highly recommend Another Hit!

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