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Review: Gretel: Witch Hunter (The Supernaturals of Los Melas #1) by D. D. Miers @AuthorDDMiers

Gretel: Witch Hunter

The Supernaturals of Los Melas #1

by D. D. Miers

Published: November 30, 2018

Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Witches, Magic, Magical Realism, Fairy Tale


Gretel Peters and her brother Hansen spend their days and nights fighting the dark casters who hunt the streets of Los Melas.

As Witch Hunters, they're destined to be the last line of defense against the ever-growing supernatural threat.
But when Hansen goes missing during their latest case, Gretel will have to retrace his steps in order to find him, and she’ll need an insider to succeed.

Luckily for Gretel, her ex just happens to be a powerful forbidden warlock with the magic, and the contacts, to help her.

My Review:

Gretel and her brother Hansen are born witch hunters and when the government learn who they are and what they can do they want them to join their ranks to help them rid the world of witches and warlocks.

When confronted by the government Gretel and Hansen are given a choice either to sign a contract to work for the government or spend their days in an underground prison. What do you think they did? They signed the contract of course besides a paycheck came with the deal. So now Gretel and Hansen spend their days looking for witches and warlocks and investigating crime scenes involving magic.

Gretel: Witch Hunter opens with Gretel and Hansen working a crime scene. Before they even enter the room properly they know that something is off. They knew when they were called in that the crime involved magic. But the crime scene here was committed with the use of some real dark magic and they needed an expert’s help.

Hansen has a contact he uses on occasion, a warlock to be exact. Most warlocks can’t be trusted which is why Gretel was very concerned about Hansen going off alone to see this warlock but he insists saying he is a big boy and can take care of himself. Against her better judgment, Gretel agrees to let him go alone.

Hansen says it won’t take him long to go across town to see this warlock. He would be there and back before she had time to miss him. It shouldn’t take him no more than 45 minutes at the most. When Hansen fails to return at the time he promised Gretel goes looking for her brother.

Her search for Hansen leads her to a place that she was banned from a while back, a magic store and to someone out of her past that she never thought she would see again, someone she thought was dead, an old boyfriend. Gretel joins forces with her old flame Declan a warlock to help her in her search for Hansen.

Gretel: Witch Hunter is a short read and an introduction into a whole new world of supernaturals. Gretel: Witch Hunter gives us insight to a great set of characters and opens up a new door into a whole new world in The Supernaturals of Los Melas.

Gretel: Witch Hunter opens with action and never lets up from the first page to the last. Although Gretel: Witch Hunter clears everything up nicely it does leave you wanting more from this world and our all time favorite character’s Gretel and Hansen and their magical world. I can’t wait to check out the first novella in The Supernaturals of Los Melas.

I would recommend Gretel: Witch Hunter to all fans of the Gretel and Hansel fairy tale and to all fans of the supernatural world with magic. One click your copy of Gretel: Witch Hunter today! And don’t forget to check out other books in The Supernaturals of Los Melas.

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