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Review: Doc W. and the Cursed Undersa (Doc W. Series Book 1) by Lou Rusty

Doc W. and the Cursed Undersa

Doc W. Series #1

by Lou Rusty

Published: December 6, 2021

Genre: Magic, Fantasy, Children’s Book, Epic Fantasy


One world, divided.
Two worlds destined for disaster.

An enslaved orphan might hold the key to saving two worlds from unspeakable evil…

Doc, an orphan child, has been enslaved to work in the mines. On his twelfth birthday a book from a local Witch Doctor changes his life forever. Inside Doc reads of strange creatures that live hidden beneath the Asperatus Cloud.

Curious and desperate to learn more, Doc digs deeper.

What he uncovers will change everything. Thrust into a new world, Doc must learn the ways of the Witch Doctor before it’s too late. But this new world contains secrets about Doc. Mysterious secrets that’ll alter the course of his life.

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My Review:

Doc, a young orphan boy has been enslaved to work in the mines. Doc loves the days that he gets to go into town to buy all the ingredients for his favorite meal. On this one particular day, Doc meets this old man, a Witch Doctor in town who needed his help after an accident.

Doc helps the Witch Doctor pick up his supplies from the ground that spilled out of his bags and then Doc helps the Witch Doctor home. The Witch Doctor gives Doc a book for his birthday and tells him a story about another world, Asperatus Cloud.

Doc is a very inquisitive little boy and has so many questions for the Witch Doctor about the book and this new world he has introduced him to. Doc just has to know if this world is real. If it is then he just has to see it for himself.

Doc and the Witch Doctor take a journey to this new world. Their trip there was so magical. The descriptions were so vivid I could see each and every scene playing out in my head as if I was right there beside Doc witnessing everything he was experiencing.

Doc meets some very interesting people and cute and strange little creatures on his journey. Doc also learns some very interesting facts about his own self on this journey. Things that he is not sure that he can live up to or if it is even real.

Doc W. and the Cursed Undersa is a very interesting and enchanting story that will pull you into its world from the first page and take you on the journey of a lifetime. You get to meet some very interesting and unique characters not to mention a new world.

I would recommend Doc W. and the Cursed Undersa to all fans of magic and fantasy! Grab your copy of Doc W. and the Cursed Undersa today for an adventure of a lifetime!  

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