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Review: Dog of the Dead (A Zombie Vale Novella) by Nic Roads @NicRoads

Dog of the Dead 

A Zombie Vale Novella

by Nic Roads

Published: June 1, 2022

Genre: Horror, Zombies, Post-Apocalyptic, Thriller




Quigley is a jolly, shaggy dog living in the remote mountain village of Sparrowdale, Colorado. Life for the mop-haired Komondor and Gavin, his beloved human companion, is nothing short of perfect.

But one evening, during Quigley and Gavin’s playful stroll around the neighborhood, a spontaneous plague strikes Sparrowdale’s population. Its impact on the small mountain town is apocalyptic.

Helpless, Quigley witnesses Gavin’s sudden transformation from a loving, dutiful friend into a growling, blood-thirsty beast, single-minded in his pursuit of human flesh. His companion has become an angry-hungry, one among thousands of the infected creatures now hunting and rampaging throughout Sparrowdale.

Horrified by Gavin’s unexplained metamorphosis, Quigley remains tethered to his human, bound by love, loyalty, and leash. But when Gavin begins to prowl the streets for victims to consume and infect, the dog faces a heart-wrenching dilemma.

Compelled by his instinctive urge to protect those in need, Quigley must decide whether to stay by Gavin’s side or confront his fiendish companion. Will the dog’s undying devotion to his caregiver endure even as the undead predator unleashes his raging hunger upon the innocent?

Dog of the Dead is a gripping post-apocalyptic zombie survival thriller, a standalone novella set in the expanding world of Zombie Vale stories by Nic Roads, the author of Dom of the Dead and Better Dead than Red.

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My Review:

Dog of the Dead is told from Quigley a jolly, shaggy dog’s point of view. Yeah, we get this one from a dog's point of view. I really enjoyed reading a story from a dog’s point of view. I enjoyed seeing the world through the eyes of a dog. It was a fascinating and exhilarating experience.

Quigley and his owner Gavin are on one of their daily walks when Gavin is taken ill. Quigley has no idea what has happened to his human, his Gavin. All he knows is that Gavin is now lying on the ground. Quigley tries as hard as he can to get his human to get up but without any success.

After a while, Gavin starts to move and Quigley is so happy that his human is going to be ok. When Gavin finally gets to his feet Quigley notices right away that his human, his Gavin is different. After looking around Quigley starts to see other people acting like his Gavin. What is going on? What is happening to everyone?

Quigley has no idea but he knows something is definitely wrong. Quigley tries his best to look out for his human friend. But he soon sees his human friend wants to eat other humans. Quigley knows this is wrong.

He hears a cry and looks down the street and sees a little girl being chased by one of these bad people, the angry-hungry as he calls them. Quigley wants to save this little girl so bad but he isn’t sure what to do to save her.

I truly enjoyed going inside the mind of a dog and seeing the world through his eyes. I do believe that Nic Roads has done an upstanding job on capturing the mind of a dog. Well, not that I know what it is like to be inside a dog's mind but I do believe that if we could get inside a dog's mind it would be just like Nic has described it down to a tee.

I enjoyed following Quigley around as he tried to keep his human safe from the living while at the same time trying to keep the living safe from the undead or the angry-hungry. Quigley’s little adventures kept me on the edge of my seat wondering what was around the corner for our little friend. I was so afraid that the angry-hungry was going to take a bite out of Quigley.

I would recommend Dog of the Dead to all zombie fans and anyone who loves dogs. Grab your copy of Dog of the Dead today for an adventure of a lifetime!

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