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Review Tour + #Giveaway: The Great, Messy, Multicoloured, Monstrous, Yarn Monster by Andrea Pukteris @GoddessFish

The Great, Messy, Multicoloured, Monstrous, Yarn Monster

by Andrea Pukteris

GENRE: Children's


What happens to Grandma's house when she doesn't tidy up? Well, you're about to find out. And it's . . . rather dangerous! Thank goodness Owen and Bandit are there. They have ultra-special skills, but they will have to be extra brave to save the day, and Grandma! Will they win the epic battle?

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Owe...nnnn! Watch out forrrrrrrrrrrrrr..." screamed Grandma.


Owen and Bandit turned around slowly, very very slowly, more slowly than even a snail, and saw...


Its eyes, nose and mouth were made of pompoms set deep into the mess of wild angora curls. Its limbs were coils of touch sinewy camelhair, and its fingers were whips of twine.

Owen and the monster's eyes met. They studied each other up and down. They moved, circling like two wild animals about to fight.

"Get out of here," Owen yelled at Yarni.

"MEOWOUT!" Bandit yelled at Yarni.

But Yarni didn't move.

My Review:

The Great, Messy, Multicoloured, Monstrous, Yarn Monster is a delightful little story for parents to read to their children. It is a great way to help children learn what may or could happen if they let things go and don’t do as their parents tell them to like pick up their toys.

Owen likes to visit Grandma every day after school before he goes home to do his homework. Grandma gives him treats. One day Owen visits Grandma but she doesn’t answer the door. Owen is very worried about Grandma as she is always there waiting for him but on this particular day, she is not.

Owen tries the door and it is unlocked so he goes in looking and calling for Grandma but she does not answer. Owen looks in every room but no Grandma but he does find her cat. Together Owen and Bandit search for Grandma. They finally find her upstairs all tied up.

What happened to Grandma? Why is she all tied up? Who would do this to Grandma? Owen and Bandit hear a noise coming from behind them. They slowly turn around and there stands a huge monster.

Owen and Bandit are very brave in their search for Grandma and what they do next is very brave indeed. I think Owen and Bandit learned a big lesson that day about what could happen if they don’t pick up their toys.

One-click your copy of The Great, Messy, Multicoloured, Monstrous, Yarn Monster today and join Owen and Bandit on their search for Grandma! 

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Andrea Pukteris has a big imagination, and sometimes it gets her into trouble. Sometimes she writes books about it instead. Andrea lives in Montreal with her partner, two kids, a dog, a bird and the many monsters they create. Check out her other adventures at www.rockamoly.com.





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Great review

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I absolutely adore the karate cat, grandma and little boy! I collect picture books…I totally need this one too!

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