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Review: Mandate Thirteen by Joseph J. Dowling @J_J_Dowling

Mandate Thirteen

by Joseph J. Dowling

Published: January 10, 2023

Publisher: Manta Press, Ltd.

Genre: Dystopia, Science Fiction, Thriller


A gritty dystopian thriller for fans of Children of Men, A Handmaid’s Tale, and The Running Man.

In a world with dwindling birth rates, all young women must submit to compulsory fertility checks at the age of thirteen. For those able to conceive, a docile existence inside the Birthing Schools beckons—or far worse if they fall into the wrong hands.

When the clandestine Baby Farmers, and their brutal leader Miko, arrive to snatch his daughter, Michael must make a split-second choice: risk his own freedom to protect hers… or lose her forever.

Mandate Thirteen is a gritty dystopian thriller for fans of Children of Men, A Handmaid’s Tale, and The Running Man.

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My Review:

Mandate Thirteen is set in the future where birth rate is low. When a girl turns thirteen they are sent for testing. If the girl is able to have children then they are sent to the Birthing Schools.

Hope’s mother takes her in for testing and then lies about her results saying that the testing equipment was not working and they would call them later with the results of the test.

Later the Baby Farmers show up at their home to take Hope away to the Birthing Schools. They learn that Hope’s mother has turned her in for money. Hope’s dad takes her on the run. He will do whatever is necessary to save his baby daughter. They go on the run with the Baby Farmers hot on their tail the whole way.

When I read the summary for Mandate Thirteen I knew right then and there that I had to read it. Mandate Thirteen was everything it promised to be and more. It reminded me of The Handmaid’s Tale. I love the world that was created for Mandate Thirteen. I would sorely love to read more stories from this world.

I highly recommend Mandate Thirteen to all fans of The Handmaid’s Tale! Grab your copy of Mandate Thirteen today!

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