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Virtual Tour + #Giveaway: The Sexy Seven Supernaturals – Paranormal & Dark Short Stories for Adults by Luki Belle @lukibelleauthor @GoddessFish

The Sexy Seven Supernaturals

by Luki Belle

GENRE: Fiction – Short Stories, Fantasy, Paranormal, Erotica


Seven haunting tales of women, young female adults, and an adolescent girl whose lives change irreversibly because of entities who come into the lives of these female protagonists, mysteriously, invited by yearnings and distresses that exist in these women and girls -

1) The Photo and the Letter: Larissa, a heartbroken young woman, finds a captivating photo of an elderly friend and becomes compelled to discover more about the bitterly written letter that was addressed to the elderly woman, who had a fascinating past.

2) Strength of Feathers: Vanessa, an orphan, who struggled her entire life to survive and achieve professional success, decides one night to overcome her fear of heights and her reluctance to be spontaneous when she meets an enigmatic, wealthy woman who has ulterior motives.

3) The Aunt: Anika, a teenage girl, niece of a notable and authoritative commander of her nation’s army, finds herself in a precarious situation when at a bloody crossroads of her nation’s history, she falls for a young, ambitious, and ruthless military man from a long-rival nation, who is about to take over rulership of Anika’s nation and her uncle’s army.

4) Ravenous: Sabrina, a young adult, daughter of a coalminer, is forced to leave her hometown with her father and siblings. Her family is taken in by a kind doctor who has mixed intentions for helping the homeless father and his three children.

5) The Bride’s Matchmaker: Mylakena, a young rural woman, comes to live in a dynamic, metropolitan city with her uncle, when she falls for two handsome, rich, and athletic young city men and realizes that her innocent infatuation has severe consequences.

6) The Picture Ghost: Elsa, a young adult daughter of a farmer, starts attending college far away from her hometown. Her poor grades lead her to a professor whose art collection draws Elsa uncomfortably close to an enigmatic stranger from the past.

7) The Old Willow Tree: Helen, a highly successful businesswoman, retires in a foreign country where, while searching for a permanent home with a garden, she falls in love with a stunning willow tree on a property that she desperately wants to buy.


1) The Photo and the Letter

My dear, you have broken my heart in so many pieces that I feel like I live now without one, yet, feeling the pain of it being torn to shreds. It is that pain with which I must now live for the rest of my life. How could you betray me? When I gave my everything to you and loved you like my own flesh and blood! My soul and harmony, I found nectar in your essence and to think that you would do such a cruel deed to me makes me want to tear my flesh so that I strip myself of pain forever, the pain of watching you in bed with my very own brother! I damn you! I damn you for the rest of your life! And I curse my brother for betraying me with you! Know this now my dearest, beloved wife, I will leave you both to your damnation of cheating against me! You will never see me again until the day I will return when I die, to take what belongs to me from you! Frederick”

2) Strength of Feathers

You also own this place?” Vanessa asked nervously while sitting down across from Eliza instead of beside her as she was asked to do by the lady.

Eliza smiled “Okay let’s get it out of the way once and for all! I own this entire building and everything in it, though not everyone but all the businesses. There! Can we talk plainly now?”

We could unless there is more to show me about how rich you are!” Vanessa snapped and gulped down the entire champagne putting down the glass with a hint of temper.

Is there something wrong my dear?” Eliza said while gently touching Vanessa’s hand.

Vanessa exhaled in a frustrated way “Look Lady Eliza...I...I...” the champagne was rushing to her head in her empty stomach “...I am not going to sleep with you okay! I...I...”

But before she could finish Eliza began laughing hysterically in a shrill voice letting her head jerk back from the amusement.

3) The Aunt

As a child Krem had heard rumors about his aunt, through gossip between his mother and her sisters. They talked about Zaylinar having been raised by a sisterhood in the northwestern desert that bordered Xenia and that his aunt was sent away because she was rebellious in nature as a child. She was returned to her family only when she had been sufficiently tamed. It was then that her father, the Head Counsel of the Republic at the time, offered his daughter to the Minister’s son Ruhr. Both fathers had quickly blessed and sealed the engagement. Growing up, Krem had become emotionally attached to stories of his mysterious aunt whom he did not see until he was an adolescent. On the day when Zaylinar came to meet the young boy, the stories became very much alive in the teenager’s mind. The lad felt his very first pangs of love and physical desire for his aunt. Feelings that magnified over time, without subduing. Yet the enigmatic woman shunned her nephew’s affections telling him that he could never be like Ruhr and that the only way she would ever have him would be if he proved himself to her.

Guest Post

The Sexy Seven Supernaturals” by Luki Belle

Topic: A sneak-peek into how the adult characters surrounding the adolescent female protagonist Anika, in the third story “The Aunt” are impacted by this beautiful, innocent, pampered, sheltered, dancer and niece of a hot-tempered, stubborn, egotistical, and proud Commander of a fictitious nation’s army.

Response: Anika Zyfaren is the parentless niece of Commander Bresnick Zyfaren, who is second-in-command to Empress Lelina, of the fictitious Kingdom of Baluur. To protect itself from ruthless, murdering barbarians called Moshkinzees, the kingdom of Baluur is forced to mend ties with its once ally nation The Republic of Xenia, after years of both nations having broken ties. Xenia helps Baluur on strict conditions that if they can force the barbaric Moshkinzees out of Baluur then Empress Lelina and Commander Bresnick must come under the rule of Xenia. The Republic succeeds in its promise and sends Chief Warrior Krem Goxzaren, a young, ambitious, ruthless Xenian to take charge of the Kingdom of Baluur to complete the transaction promised by Baluur. Krem arrives with a mysterious lady by the name of Zaylinar on the shores of Baluur while Lelina discovers a horrific thing about the Xenians.

In the meantime, an unsuspecting, handsome, young Moshkinzee by the name of Wolack is taken as one of the battle captives by Krem’s army while Commander Bresnick Zyfaren has been asked by the Empress to host Chief Warrior Krem Goxzaren’s (purely adolescent), Xenian troop, within Bresnick’s large dual-sided property.

Thus sets the stage for young Anika Zyfaren to catch sight of Krem when she immediately falls in love with him, while Zaylinar, the mysterious Xenian lady who arrived with Krem, notices Anika from across the wall that separates the dual-sided property of Bresnick’s large compound.

Now begins the unfolding of tragic and unexpected events as Anika sets sight upon Krem and Zaylinar sets sight upon Anika, while Bresnick and Krem loathe each other. Add to this the mysterious identity of Wolack who tries to escape his captivity and runs into Anika. Like a domino effect this young adolescent unknowingly stirs deep emotions and challenges Bresnick and Krem who have ulterior motives to murder each other. Wolack’s secret identity and the reason for his tribe the Moshkinzee’s attack upon Baluur kingdom entangles Anika while Zaylinar and Bresnick both cast their devious plans; she upon Anika and he upon Krem. But Anika is the key to all of this because of what she does and does not do.

Bresnick is highly protective and possessive of Anika, refusing to marry her off to an elite Baluurin man (much to the annoyance of the powerful elite class of Baluur). He has kept her isolated to his large compound with only a governess and the mansion staff as companion for the smart, clever, and mischievous girl. When he is asked to present Anika in the court of Empress Lelina, during a grand ball, to celebrate the Xenian victory of defeating and pushing out the Moshkinzee barbarians, Bresnick is very reluctant but must obey the command of his Empress. During the ball, to Bresnick’s shock, Zaylinar intentionally for her own secret interests in Anika, asks Krem to dance with the young adolescent who is a very talented dancer. This event stirs much anger and wrath in Bresnick and in Krem who has absolutely no interest in Anika. The young girl is overjoyed and this event forces her to take drastic steps after the celebratory ball when she is forced to return home after the dance by her uncle. This event also compels Zaylinar and Bresnick to take stricter measures in their secret pursuits (no spoilers).

Wolack’s attempt to escape his captivity on the same night as the ball collides with Anika’s attempt to see Krem again that night. The handsome Moshkinzee barbarian is taken by the innocent, beautiful and pampered girl. This interaction has dire consequences for both Anika and Wolack because of his trust in her while she ignorantly puts him in danger which ultimately impacts her uncle.

The deeds caused by Anika with Wolack forces Krem and Zaylinar to take reactionary steps, both for their secret motives while Wolack tries to warn Anika about a danger that is coming not just from his Moshkinzee tribe but from supernatural beings that live with the barbarians (no spoilers).

Like a strike of a little flame, fire spreads, figuratively and literally and impacts Anika and all the adults connected to her, no one is spared from unexpected outcomes. Emotions flame the fire while deeds help the fire to spread. The supernatural beings that arrive from the cold, icy, snowy mountains to the north of the Baluur kingdom, change the lives of Anika and those connected to her. A reader would wonder at the end of the story, “The Aunt”, could things have been different if Anika had acted differently or was the mysterious aunt’s secret intention the real driver of events?

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Luki Belle works in the media industry. Storytelling was a fixture from childhood when she would listen to stories told by her grandparents, parents, sisters, and cousins, who would read to her from diverse cultural fiction books. Scary and ghost stories in particular, captured Luki as a child and led to her fascination with the concept of feeling haunted or being haunted by something or someone, whether desirably or whether uninvited. In the Sexy Seven Supernaturals, Luki explores the amalgamation between the psychological and the paranormal, enabled by the human mind through its power to imagine, visualize, and yearn. The female characters in this book each have strong or subtle conscious desires created or triggered by subconscious or unconscious distresses, leading each of them to unexpected fates.


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