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Book Blitz: Who's Your Daddy by Jacqueline Francis @RABTBookTours


Second Chances, Book 5



Peter Danahay is a playboy. Peter Danahay is a commitment-phobe. Peter Danahay is the last person I would ever consider as a lifelong partner. He’s a philanderer, the kind of guy my mother would’ve warned me about and my dad would’ve stopped me from dating. Trouble is written all over his face, yet women can’t seem to resist him.

I’m ashamed to admit it, but I, too, was unable to resist the alluring charm of Peter Danahay. I fell hard, and I fell fast…straight into bed with him. It was just supposed to be a one-night stand, a quick roll in the sack. A day that was filled with verbal jabs and little white lies led to an amazing night filled with unbridled passion.

We were never supposed to see each other again, but Fate had other plans. One minute I’m trying to get my life back on track, and the next I get a curve ball thrown at me at supersonic speed. Two pink lines change our lives, and now Peter Danahay is going to be my lifelong partner, whether we like it or not.

Maybe we can make it work…that is until those little white lies fester into something that isn’t so little anymore.

The Second Chances series


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Second Chances, Book 5


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About the Author

Number cruncher by day, raging romance novelist by night; Jacqueline’s creative inspiration stems from romance and all its literary and rom-com depictions. Matters of the heart are what fascinates her, because ultimately, what makes a life out of - what would ordinarily be a typical existence - is Love


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