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Review: Charlie Chimpanzee and the Circle Tree by Michelle Jester @michelle_jester

Charlie Chimpanzee and the Circle Tree

Hollows on the Bayou #4

by Michelle Jester

Published: March 24, 2020

Publisher: Yellow Duckie Press

Genre: Children’s Book


Charlie Chimpanzee always had the village parties at his home, until Mr. McFeatherton gets a new sunroom. Soon, the villagers learn to recognize the warning signs when one of their own goes missing.

Written and designed with simplicity; intended for younger audiences.


My Review:

Every time there was a party in the village Charlie Chimpanzee offered to have it at his house the Circle Tree. There was plenty of room for everyone at Charlie Chimpanzee’s house. Having all the parties at his house made Charlie Chimpanzee feel important and comfortable and happy.

But when all the villagers starting having parties in their own homes Charlie Chimpanzee stopped going. Charlie Chimpanzee felt more comfortable at his own house than someone else’s. He liked having the parties at his house. Every time one of the villagers had a party Charlie Chimpanzee stayed home.

It got easier and easier for him to stay home. The longer he stayed away the more he felt like he didn’t belong. Charlie Chimpanzee feels like no one wants him around anymore. He doesn’t feel like he is a part of the group anymore. The more time he spent alone the sadder he became.

Then one day the villagers started to notice that Charlie Chimpanzee was not attending any of the parties anymore. So one day the villagers decided to go see Charlie Chimpanzee to find out why he was going to the parties.

Come join Charlie Chimpanzee as he realizes that it is better to open your heart and let people in than to close the door. One-click your copy of Charlie Chimpanzee and the Circle Tree today!

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