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Review: The Shadow of Witchland by David S. Brooks @ProfessorBD

The Shadow of Witchland 

by David S. Brooks

Published: November 16, 2021

Publisher: Traveling Tales Press

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Horror


A new quirky young adult horror fantasy novel from the author of James Rhyder and the Cave of Dreams.

Sixteen-year-old Chase Addams just had the worst birthday of his entire life. He was terrorized at school by a death god, spent the evening in a haunted house, and even faced off with an urban legend in the flesh. If this wasn’t enough to ruin the average person’s day, it ended with his best friend and girlfriend, Asra Saitou, being dragged off into the abyss by a mysterious arm wreathed in flames. Chase soon discovers this kidnapping is part of a hidden war between the lands of the living and the lands of the dead. What’s even worse for the self-described uncoordinated, sarcastic, smartass is everyone thinks he’s something called a guardian —one of the heroic spirits who are summoned to not only fight in the war, but keep the conflict from spilling out into the different realms of existence.

Now, Chase must come to terms with what it means to be a hero, avoid the terrors prowling in the lands of the dead, maneuver the politics of an interplanar war, and of course try to find Asra. All of this before a lurking darkness consumes both worlds. However, in this cosmic conflict nothing is quite what it seems.

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My Review:

Chase Addam’s girlfriend Asra Saitou takes him to a haunted house for his sixteenth birthday. Chase and Asra are enjoying their time together until Asra is swept away into a black void. Chase puts everything aside to go look for Asra. Chase will not stop until he finds her. On his journey, Chase meets some very scary and unusual creatures.

Like Asra when I picked up The Shadow of Witchland I was swept away into another realm/world/void as I sat on the edge of my seat while Chase went looking for her. I was biting my nails as I followed Chase on his journey with all those evil, scary creatures he kept running into. Oh, those teeth...

The Shadow of Witchland was a fast-paced read that once I picked it I couldn’t lay it down until that last page was turned. The Shadow of Witchland was an intense, eerie, spooky read with some pretty big twists around almost every corner. I could picture each and every scene in my mind as if they were being played out on the big screen.

I highly recommend The Shadow of Witchland to anyone who enjoys a good scary, eerie, spooky story! One-click your copy of The Shadow of Witchland today for an eerie good time! 

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