Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Cover Reveal: Zarik by Mystee Ryann @DemonzPrincess @XpressoTours

Mystee Ryann
(To Meet a Highlander Series, #1)
Genres: Historical, Romance, Time-Travel

Meet Zarik MacKinnon, soon-to-be chief of his clan. Stubborn, unrelenting, and not in need of love. For years he’s been told by the clan’s druid that someone will come to save him. Someone for him to love. He shrugged his shoulders and continued on in his protection of his clan. Never wanting to be chief, Zarik is surprised when Tsarina Fraser arrives and is said to be the one he must marry. The catch? She’s from the future.

Author Bio:

After 14 years of book and product reviews, I have finally got my own books in the works.

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