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Review: Elements & Flame: An Amber Mountain Novel (The Elemental Series #1) by Jillian Beane @ JillianBea16304

Elements & Flame: An Amber Mountain Novel

The Elemental Series #1

by Jillian Beane

Published: March 4, 2024

Publisher: Jillian Beane LLC

Genre: Witches, Romance, Dragons, Mythical Creatures, Fantasy, Werewolves, Magic


After losing a hard fought battle, Suleima finds a new home in the wilderness outside a small town to heal her wounds and recover her Elemental magic.

A small town which houses a werewolf pack.

When that past begins to encroach on her new territory, she and her friends, new and old, must figure out a way to 
win this time.

Will her dragon shifter best friend and the Alpha of the pack be enough to permanently remove the evil that threatens?

Rumors of a flower hidden in a cave could be what they need to tip the scales in their favor. But to get to this cave, she must face challenges that threaten everything that she has ever known.

**** Action Adventure Fantasy with Slow Burn Romance. Werewolves, Magic, Dragon shifters, Mythical Creatures. Join the characters in their Epic Journey to the top of a mountain.

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My Review:

Elements & Flame picks up with Suleima having to charge her magic after using it. It sort of got a little annoying with Suleima having to charge her magic powers all the time. But I did enjoy how Suleima’s powers were performed though. I was kept on the edge of my seat as Suleima faced all the challenges to obtain what she needed to fight the ultimate battle.

I also felt as if the story was rushed not knowing how Suleima came to be in the predicament she found herself in. I would like to have known more about Suleima and who she was and where she came from. I would like to have known how she found out she had powers. I would like to have known if she ever had any formal training on how to use her powers or if they sort of came naturally to her.

After saying all of this I also have to say that I did enjoy the story very much and would like to read more from Suleima’s world. I do love it when paranormal creatures live in the same world and work together.

Suleima needed a lot of help to face the ultimate battle and she did get the help she needed from a pack of werewolves. I liked the Alpha of the pack Gage very much but so did Suleima I believe. The werewolves were not the only ones to show up to help fight the battle as other magical creatures showed up for the battle.

Gage was a good person. He is someone who takes care of his pack or anyone who needs help. He is not afraid to stand up and fight. I could imagine Gage standing up for Suleima when she was facing her challenge to obtain what she needed for the ultimate battle. I could see him standing slightly behind her and maybe growling under his breath just a little at anyone challenging her.

The descriptions were so vividly written I could see everything as if I were there witnessing it all. The world-building was done well also. I can’t wait to read more from this world.

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