Thursday, October 14, 2021

Review Tour + #Giveaway: Goodnight Swogg the Silly Frog by Grump C @GoddessFish

Goodnight Swogg the Silly Frog

by Grump C

GENRE: Children's


Goodnight Swogg the Silly Frog was created from a proud grandfather's – Grump C's – dream. This is the first of Grump C's stories about Swogg and his ten friends who all live most happily in a beautiful bog called Skunk Hollow. The cleverness, creativity, and passion Swogg shows for his friends will hopefully delight, amaze, and inspire you and your children. If your child had a tough day, needs a laugh, or occasionally has troubles falling asleep – this is exactly what Swogg the Silly Frog and his ten friends do best!


Deep in Skunk Hollow, Swogg

the Silly Frog lived most

happily in a Bubbly Bog...

...with his ten best friends:

Lucky Bucky Beaver, Eenie

Meanie Earthworm, Glow

the Rainbow Trout, Speedy

the Snail, Pinchy the Crayfish, Twinkles

the Tadpole, Einstein the Blue Heron, Aunt

Myrtle the Turtle, Crazy Cousin Cricket,

and Mighty Minnow.

My Review:

Swogg and his friends live in a beautiful bog called Skunk Hollow. Swogg has many friends who live in the bog with him. Swogg and his friends get along very well. Swogg really likes all his friends. He likes spending time with them. But when they go to bed at night Swogg can’t sleep because it is too loud. All of his friends make different noises at night when they sleep that keeps him awake.

Swogg doesn’t know what to do. He wants to go sleep to get all the rest that his growing little body needs. What can he do? How is he ever going to get to sleep? Swogg doesn’t want to be mean to his friends and wake them up to yell at them for keeping him up. But what is he to do? He could go somewhere else to sleep but he doesn’t want to leave his friends.

Goodnight Swogg the Silly Frog is a great little story that teaches children how to be nice to all their friends. It teaches them how to play well with others. It teaches them how to come up with different ways of solving a problem.

Goodnight Swogg the Silly Frog is a great sweet little story for parents to read to their child before bedtime. One-click your copy of this cute little book today for a great adventure with Swogg in Goodnight Swogg the Silly Frog!

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Mark Cooley, or Grump C, had a vivid dream that compelled him to write his first story, Goodnight Swogg the Silly Frog, for his three grandchildren, Hadley, Tommy and Ella.

Caring and sharing are truly wonderful traits Grandpa Carl, Grump C and Silly Swogg all consider of utmost importance. The profits from this effort will go to CORAL – Coral Reef Alliance and WWF World Wildlife Foundation.

We sincerely hope that Swogg the Silly Frog and his ten friends can inspire and amuse children across the world.







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Sherry said...

I love the blurb and the cover is so cute.

Tellwell Publishing said...

Thank you for your review, we are thrilled you enjoyed it!

Christi G. said...

I love the cute cover. Thanks for the giveaway!