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Review: Sorceress: Shadow of the Songbird by Gayle Katz @booksbygayle

Sorceress: Shadow of the Songbird

by Gayle Katz

Published: March 24, 2021

Publisher: In Your Face Publishers

Genre: Wizards, Witches, Fantasy, Supernatural, Sorcery


A young sorceress finds herself caught between two magical sects. Can she bring the rivalry to a close in time to prevent war?

Mara wishes life were easier. As a magical apprentice, she learns new spells and incantations. Now she faces a much greater challenge—confronting the enemies bent on destroying her home.

When rumors of murder and treachery about her run wild, Mara is desperate to prove her innocence. At the same time, she’s terrified that corrupt adversaries are conspiring to launch a devastating, magic-ending attack.

Can Mara overcome those plotting against her? Or will her world of magic end in disaster?

If you like strong female heroines, glorious quests, and magical battles, then you’ll love Gayle Katz’s bewitching YA fantasy novel.

Scroll up to follow Mara on her adventure of a lifetime!

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My Review:

A young sorceress Mara was given a task to go and kill her sect's enemy she reluctantly sets out to do as she is ordered even though she has never wanted to kill anyone.

Mara finds more than she was bargaining for in her enemy, Lucas the one she is supposed to kill. The two fall for each other and go against their orders to kill each other.

Lucas takes Mara to his home as he believes they will take her in and love her as much as he does but upon their return to his home things don’t go as they imagined.

The first thing Lucas’s people do is accuse Mara of murdering one of their own. Mara pleads guilty but only to planning a murder not in committing one but she is locked up any way awaiting trial.

Lucas pleads with Mara’s case without avail. Mara thinks if she is just honest that everything would turn out ok for her but boy was she ever wrong. In the end, Mara and Lucas are both banished from their homes.

Mara and Lucas are given the task of finding out who killed their friend if they ever want to obtain favor with their people and regain entrance to their homes once again.

Sorceress: Shadow of the Songbird was a very entertaining read that kept me deep between its pages as each twist revealed itself. Mara and Lucas pulled me in deeper and deeper with each turn of the page as I followed along on their journey to finding the murderer.

Sorceress: Shadow of the Songbird is a great read for all ages. It is filled with magic and lots of mystery to keep it very interesting and want to know what is around the corner. I can’t wait to see what Mara and Lucas have waiting for us in future books.

I enjoyed reading Sorceress: Shadow of the Songbird so much that I highly recommend it to all fans of magic no matter what age you are. Now the time has come for you to one-click your copy of the magical book Sorceress: Shadow of the Songbird for another great adventure!

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