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Blog Tour + Review + #Giveaway: The One and Only Crystal Druid by Annette Marie @AnnetteMMarie @XpressoTours

The One and Only Crystal Druid
Annette Marie
(The Guild Codex: Unveiled, #1)
Published by: Dark Owl Fantasy Inc.
Publication date: September 24th 2021
Genres: New Adult, Urban Fantasy

I’m not your average girl.

My best friend is my switchblade. My favorite hobby is using it on the cruel, the abusive, and anyone who gets on my bad side. I’m a convicted murderer with a chip on my shoulder and a dangerous lack of restraint.

And then there’s Zak.

His rap sheet makes mine look tame. The bounty on his head is worth more money than I’ll ever make, and the deadly fae that shadow his every step wield more power than I’ll ever know.

He’s the Crystal Druid, and his first mistake was setting foot on my turf.

His second was saving my life.

And his final mistake will be failing to realize that however dark, however ruthless, however broken he is…

I’m worse.

From the author of the best-selling Guild Codex books comes a new series that delves into the dark, dangerous world of druids and fae alongside two ravaged souls who may be exactly what the other needs…if they don’t destroy each other first.

Unveiled can be read as a standalone series or in conjunction with other Guild Codex series. For the full reading order, visit Annette Marie’s website.

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My Review:

The One and Only Crystal Druid is told from Saber’s point of view. I really liked Saber. She is one mean bada$$ girl. She is also a convicted murder. Saber never takes anything off of anyone for any reason. If she doesn’t like someone she had just as soon cut them as look at them so to speak. If they betray her then she will cut them with her best friend that just happens to be a switchblade. Saber is one tough cookie.

Saber’s past was very dark and bleak with some very bad things in it. Things that she tries her very best to keep in the past. Something that is still hanging over her to this day. Her past has shaped her future.

Saber’s past overshadows every relationship she has ever had. I think it may impair her judgment on occasion. But at the same time, I sort of believe that Saber is not as tough as she acts underneath. I believe that over the years she has hardened her heart to keep anyone from ever hurting her again.

Saber runs into Zak, the one and only Crystal Druid. Zak has a rap sheet a lot longer than Saber’s but he is not as bada$$ as her or so she thinks. I think Zak’s past was just as dark as Saber’s which could be why they are so attracted to each other. Their souls knew each other way before they got to know each other. You know in ways Saber and Zak are a lot alike in so many different ways.

You Saber and Zak both had a very dark and sad past and probably have met some very bad people but you know my belief is that we had to meet the people we did and experience the things we did in order to be the person we are now.

I really, really enjoyed the world that was created for The One and Only Crystal Druid and can’t wait to read more stories set in this world. I love the fae people. I can’t wait to read more of Zak and his fae world. I just can’t wait for the next book in The Guild Codex: Unveiled world to be released on January 14, 2022. Yeah, I have already checked.

I believe anyone who enjoys reading fantasy, paranormal, fae, and magic with a touch of romance then you would very much enjoy The One and Only Crystal Druid! So one-click your copy of The One and Only Crystal Druid today and take a journey to a world filled with fae and druids!  

Author Bio:

Annette Marie is the best-selling author of The Guild Codex, an expansive collection of interwoven urban fantasy series ranging from thrilling adventure to hilarious hijinks to heartrending romance. Her other works include YA urban fantasy series Steel & Stone, its prequel trilogy Spell Weaver, and romantic fantasy trilogy Red Winter.

Her first love is fantasy, but fast-paced adventures and tantalizing forbidden romances are her guilty pleasures. She lives in the frozen winter wasteland of Alberta, Canada with her husband and their furry minion of darkness. When not writing, she can be found elbow-deep in one art project or another while blissfully ignoring all adult responsibilities.

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