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Review: (Extra)Ordinary (The Powers Series #3) by Starr Z. Davies @SZDavies


The Powers Series #3

by Starr Z. Davies

Published: February 16, 2021

Publisher: Pangea Books

Genre: Young Adult, Sci-Fi, Dystopian


Paragon altered Bianca’s memory. The Directorate turned her into a weapon.

Seventeen-year-old Bianca Pond is the ultimate fighting machine. But when a ghost from her past comes back to haunt her, Bianca faces her toughest challenge yet . . . justice for all, or her own personal vengeance.

(extra)ORDINARY runs parallel with events from the Powers series, giving readers a glimpse into the transformation that redefined Bianca’s loyalties—and love—in the months after Ugene’s escape.

Complete your Powers library with (extra)ORDINARY! Fans of the Powers series will be thrilled with this companion volume told from Bianca’s point of view.

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My Review:

(Extra)Ordinary is told from seventeen-year-old Bianca Pond’s point of view. It is the same great story from book two Unique in The Powers Series but is told through Bianca’s voice this time around.

Although I loved Unique I also loved getting the story through Bianca’s eyes. It's sort of like getting a whole new story when it comes from someone else voice. Getting a story from someone else perspective means getting to know that person better. No one sees a story the same. One person may see something totally different than someone else or they may notice things that others may not.

Bianca has been taken in by the Directorate who has turned her into a mean green fighting machine. She is stronger and faster than ever before. Not only that but the Paragon has altered her memory.

After a visit from her past Bianca starts to see the Directorate in a different light. Things are not what they seem on the surface. She soon learns that the Directorate may not have their best interest at heart. Bianca’s memory starts to play tricks on her leading her to suspect that everyone is lying to her.

What is going on? What are they hiding from her? Or are they hiding things from her?

I fell in love with The Power Series from the first book Ordinary. I also loved reading (Extra)Ordinary and getting the story from Bianca’s point of view. I liked getting to know her and seeing the world through her eyes.

I would love to see The Powers Series on the big screen. I would love to see the transformation of all the characters when they gained their strength and their special abilities.

I would recommend (Extra)Ordinary to sci-fi and dystopian fans. One-click your copy of (Extra)Ordinary today! But I would like to suggest that you read the first book Ordinary and then book two Unique before reading (Extra)Ordinary for a more enjoyable experience.

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