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Review: Shadow Walker (Shadow Walker #1) by Jina S. Bazzar @Jina_Bazzar

Shadow Walker

Shadow Walker #1

by Jina S. Bazzar

Published: October 14, 2022

Publisher: Jina S. Bazzar

Genre: Fantasy, Magical Realism, Dystopian


Nine Houses rule the nation, and Melaina stays away from them at all costs. She lives by one hard rule: never mingle with the supernatural.

Driven by fear of discovery, she remains on the fringes of society, occasionally stealing to provide for her aunt and her brother. When the opportunity to work for a corporation not owned by a House falls into her lap, she can’t believe her luck. With a forged non-magical certification in hand, she’s ready to embrace a bright future.

Unfortunately, the future is an ambush by blackmailing thugs, notorious assassins, and an unscrupulous House leader.

Entrenched in House conflict, Melaina’s dream of normalcy has turned into her worst nightmare.

Now, to save her brother and family secrets, she’ll have to partake in one last dangerous heist. Success meant exposing her forbidden magic, but Failure could cost the lives of everyone she loves.

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My Review:

Melaina is a thief, a professional thief but she only steals on occasion to provide for her aunt and brother. When Melaina has a chance at a legitimate job she jumps at the opportunity. But the job turns out not to be so legitimate.

Melaina lives in a world that is controlled by Nine Houses. Melaina has always tried to stay as far away from the Houses as possible until now. When Melaina shows up for her interview she walks into something she was not expecting.

The interview was just an excuse to get Melaina to show up. One of the leaders of the Houses offers Melaina a job. A job that she wants nothing to do with as she does not work for anyone. She only works alone.

But these guys have some very incriminating evidence against her brother. If Melaina doesn’t do what they ask then he will go to prison. The tables have turned now as Melaina will do whatever it takes to keep her brother safe. These guys have no idea who they are messing with as Melaina is a lot tougher and smarter than they will ever know.

Shadow Walker has some pretty big twists, twists that kept me hooked and hanging on from one page to another wanting to know what was waiting on the next page for Melaina. It also left me with lots of questions. When one question was answered another one popped up. Melaina kept me on my toes just trying to figure out where she was going next and what she was going to do.

Melaina is one tough cookie that never gave up. She just kept on rolling taking one punch after another so to speak. I loved the way her mind worked and how fast she could switch gears if the situation called for it.

I highly recommend Shadow Walker to all dystopian and magical realism fans! Grab your copy of Shadow Walker today!  

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