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Book Blast + #Giveaway: Soul Dark: Chosen by E. L. Reedy & A. M. Wade @AuthorELR @keysmomma @GoddessFish

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War is coming between Lukas’ Goddess and an ancient Demon Lord. But the death of his parents shakes his faith, and with the loss of his remaining family it is shattered. Blinded by rage, Lukas turns away from his friends and trains under a deceptive, yet formidable master to hone his magic and prevent the demon’s final objective--obliteration of all life on earth.

War begins! A forged weapon, Lukas rejoins his friends and sets after the Demon King. From a hidden crypt, where evil lies waiting, to the Iowa countryside, they battle to prevent the end of all they know. Lukas must overcome his doubts and allow the Light to work through him--to defeat both the foe of his Goddess and a new more familiar one.

Soul Dark: Chosen is a coming of age tale in the modern-day world when a war between ancient deities and demons culminates in a winner-takes-all battle that could determine the fate of all mankind.

Read an Excerpt A sudden wind gust whipped through the curtains of every room of the house, driving hundreds of crystalline and metallic wind-chimes to clink and clatter against one another. A biting cold raced through the home, carrying with it the foul scent of carrion and whispers too faint for human ears. Grandma Helen’s senses, however, honed over a lifetime of practice, not only heard, but as Lukas also listened from afar, he suspected she understood the ancient tongue of demon kind.

Fearless as a warrior, a true master of her craft, she whipped off her glasses and tossed them aside, revealing her milky-white blind eyes, as she stood straight up, raising Faileas clenched in the tight fist of her tattooed arm. As she did so, the table and chairs shot halfway across the kitchen. Faileas changed; an owl head adorned the top and a dragon head grew from the bottom.

Helen’s voice rang out like a thunder that dwarfed even the storm still raging outside. “To thee—uninvited. Dost, thou, I command. Get thee gone! Depart this world! Flee thee, back to the nether dark!”

The wind rose to an angry howl, bringing with it a growl that rattled the house from end to end and preceded a wave of unfathomable hatred and rage. It was a tangible darkness, just shy of a solid form. Lukas could even feel it in the family car, still ten or more miles distant from the farm. Beyond the walls, the storm which had reached its peak strength, became an unleashed titan—horizontal rain slammed against the side of the dwelling, peeling away layers of paint, followed by sheets of hail, which chipped half the windows—beneath a wild sky, aglow with lighting and darkened by swirling, towering clouds that stretched high into the tumultuous heavens.

Grandma Helen, undeterred, however, faced her hidden foe and spoke again in a voice no longer her own, calling out on a most ancient deity, through whom your family’s powers derived. “I am She! The Mother! The Sister! Goddess of the night and the light of day! Begone, ye, filth of shadow, carrier of scorn! Exit from this world! Lest I unleash my fettered hand! Take thy thought and thy form back to the dark whence thou hast come! I commandeth thee! Get thee gone!” Upon ending her words, the top half of the ashen staff ignited in a white light that burned with the heat of the sun, the bottom half darkened and brought a biting chill to the kitchen. It was so bright and dark both that even Edward, who lacked the fey gifts, could see and feel all that took place.

Her unleashed power was so great that all wind ceased with a mighty thunderclap inside and outside the house, and light blossomed throughout the home, from mystic sources unknown, as the unnamed thing of gloom recoiled, scattering its lesser minions before its retreat like sparks from an open flame.

After sliding the table back to its usual spot, Grandpa Edward, who wielded no such abilities and who had stood back, as his wife had taught him so many years before, rested both hands on her shoulders, offering all the love and strength he could muster as he helped her back into her chair. Though he had no magical gifts, their love was such that their relationship, that everything and all of him was hers.

Grandma Helen slumped over in her chair, physically and psychically exhausted. She rested Faileas back atop the table where it once again resembled an ordinary, though beautiful Bo staff. “Windows,” she whispered after a few moments of recovery.

Edward hurried away to shut them against the weather and to draw the curtains against the once again normal dark of night. Within minutes he returned to her, refilling her tea and pouring everything that made him Edward into her, as a selfless gift to the one he loved above all others and all else. Recognizing her momentary weakness, he worried for her, knowing she would not.

About the Author: E. L. Reedy was born and raised in Iowa, where he devoured tomes of fantasy, sci-fi, and young adult novels as a child. In his free time, he is an avid gamer (D&D and Pathfinder). He has traveled the world as a soldier in the U.S. Army, and now lives in Iowa, where with his writing partner, he continues to pen works in the realms of Fantasy and Horror in the Young Adult Universe.

A. M. Wade was born the only girl in a family with five boys, she readily escaped into fantasy, sci-fi, and other fiction novels. Having traveled through most of the US, she enjoys using scenery and characteristics of the different states in the story adventures she created for the little ones in her family. Now, she writes sci-fi, fantasy and horror with a lifelong co-conspirator.

Together: Having lost many friends, associates, and even children from our home town over the years to suicide, they wrote their first novel, Upon Broken Wings. Told from the point-of-view of a young witness, the story teaches that suicide is not an end to suffering, but rather the beginning of unimaginable pain for those left behind and that there is always hope if we choose the path of life.

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