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Review: Kissing Scarlet by Lynn Robin @LynnRobinAuthor

Kissing Scarlet

Kissing Monsters #3

by Lynn Robin

Published: September 29, 2020

Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Dark Fantasy


Kiss’s thoughts scatter when Zane starts to move; he advances, his steps lithe and graceful as a predator’s.

Like the monster he used to be.

He still carries that strength, that rawness, with every step he takes toward her.

Kiss,” he rasps, suddenly before her, her name a sweet hiss floating off his lips. He is close enough to touch—and before she can think, before she can think of backing away or coming closer instead, he’s already doing just that: touching her.

Kiss,” he repeats roughly, his gaze bright with emotions she can feel swirling in her heart, a wild dance. “What are you doing here? How have you found me?”

After surrendering herself to the monster called Lock, all to save Zane’s life, Kiss is now forced to live in the demon’s lair as his obedient servant, bound to him by a ring made of bone.

Lock’s word is law. Her name is now Scarlet because he says it is.

And she is sent away to kill Zane and collect his blood,

because he tells her so.

Meanwhile, Zane is traveling the world in search for a human who could become the next Gifted One—a Monster Kisser, like him—which brings him to a sleepy seaside town, where he soon meets a young, blue-haired woman called Skylar.

Skylar has a secret to hide—yet when Zane starts to uncover it, he realizes that their paths crossing must have been a twist of fate.

Willing to do anything to free Kiss from Lock’s reign, Zane is ready to break every rule and make any promise;

even if it means the wrath of angels.

Even if it means giving Kiss his blood.

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My Review:

Once again Zane and Kiss have been torn apart by a monster, Lock. Lock tricked Kiss into being his servant by threatening to kill Zane. Kiss will do anything and everything to keep the love of her life, her soulmate safe and alive even if it means giving up herself.

Zane is doing everything in his power to rescue Kiss from this monster. Zane is on the lookout for a human to be the next gifted one to take his place and to hopefully be able to help him save Kiss. Like Kiss, Zane will do everything in his power to save her even if it means giving up himself.

Can these two not catch a break? Will these two ever be able to love one another like soulmates should? Will they ever be able to save themselves like they have saved others in their own time as the gifted one?

Kissing Scarlet is the third book in the Kissing Monsters series and I think that each book just gets better and better as Kiss and Zane’s love gets deeper and deeper. Kiss and Zane have the kind of love we all wished we had. A love that not even a monster can break or can he?

Kissing Scarlet is a short sweet little read that is filled with twists after twist that explodes off the pages and keeps on rolling page after page right up until the last. The Kissing Monsters series is one of the most amazing stories I have read all year. I love the twist on monsters like how evil their job can be but at the same time, they can love so deep and strong.

I definitely recommend Kissing Scarlet to all those monster, horror, and romantic fans out there. One-click your copy of this amazing book today!  

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