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Book Tour + Review + #Giveaway: Ascension (Age of Shadow Saga Book 1) by Marc Micciola @MarcMicciola @SDSXXTours


The Age of Shadow Saga Book 1
by Marc R. Micciola
Genre: Epic Fantasy

Many years ago, every race in Midstad came together to imprison a dangerous foe; however not everyone supported this decision and some swore in secret to set Him free one day.

Now, nearly two hundred years later the world is prospering during its longest age of peace. Elves are hidden away in their forests, dwarves live deep within their mountains, and humans have come together in a way which has never been done before. Life for every race is peaceful, until a mythical cult, The Black Light, makes their name heard in every corner of Midstad.

One violent day of assassinations sends elves, dwarves, and humans alike into a panic. The Black Light has shown themselves to be more real than many would have wished them to be, and they have named their leader; Iver, an heir to one of the human kingdoms.

Einar, son of the King of Hestferd, and his allies scramble to devise a proper response to this act of war. Their biggest worry? A name shouted by the assassins; Kemryr, the great foe who was imprisoned centuries ago.

Many believe him to be nothing more than a myth nowadays, but myths seem to be becoming very real as of late. Einar’s father wishes to learn more, and so he turns to a secret friend for help. Together, Einar and his father seek out answers while Iver and his followers continue to carry out their plan in the hopes to reach their ultimate goal.

Set. Him. Free.

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    The two men looked at the grisly brute before me, and he nodded, allowing them both to leave. I grabbed a cloth from the table and went to go dabbing the man’s pants. He quickly swiped the rag away from me, citing that only a woman could touch him there before wiping at his pants himself. I nearly laughed at the irony of that. Swiftly, I took my cards, reached inside my shirt, and swapped them with my secret winning hand. His friends arrived with our ale and I thanked them before clearing my throat and leaning back in my seat, tossing my feet up on the table. I peeked at my cards, looking over them to see my opponent show off his stained teeth; it was a smile that would ruin most appetites. I decided to smile back.

In the land of Midstad things have been peaceful for many years until the day The Black Light makes an appearance on the scene. The Black Light is a cult that most believe to be nothing more than a myth. They soon change their minds after The Black Light attacks them and tries to take control of their kingdom.

After The Black Light appears on the scene war is imminent. This war puts brother against brother and friends against friends as their true identities and beliefs are revealed.

Midstad must fight back if they are to regain control of their lives and their kingdom. The whole kingdom, elves, humans, dwarfs, etc... must come together and fight The Black Light if they ever hope to live peaceful lives again.

Ascension is chocked full of action from beginning to end that keeps the pages turning. Each and every scene is so vividly written making it so easy to see it all playing out in your mind.

Ascension is told from multiply points of view. I love getting a story from different character's points of view. I like getting inside each character's mind as you can get the story from different points. You get to know what each character is thinking and feeling. But I will have to admit that jumping from character to character in Ascension is a little hard to follow. As it takes a while to distinguish one character from another and to know whose voice you are following at any given moment.

I would recommend Ascension to all fans of high fantasy, suspense, and magic. One-click your copy of Ascension today!

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I live in Ontario, Canada with my two dogs Ace and Rielly. When I'm not entertaining those two goofballs, I'm usually watching hockey or a movie.

Night time is usually when my writing time begins. It's been that way for as long as I can remember; writing when the sun out just seems near impossible now!

Writing is my main passion, but I do have many others. Photography, Pyrography, spending time with my friends, watching hockey while eating pizza, and of course enjoying some family time are all things I love doing.

I'm a huge advocate for removing the stigma around mental health and always try my best to support those who struggle with mental health, just like I do.

I am also the owner of Centaury Lilium Publishing, a company that assists authors in finding affordable and reliable services in order to self-publish their books. It's a young business, but I'm hoping to help even just one author achieve their dream.

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