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Review Tour + #Giveaway: Winston the Zombie Killer And Dr. Z by Fatima Malik @fmalikauthor @GoddessFish

Winston the Zombie Killer And Dr. Z

by Fatima Malik



An emotionally unintelligent 18-year-old Winston wakes up to a zombie virus outbreak. Only adults seem to be affected while kids run around losing their minds . . . or brains?

Together, a 15-year-old genius Jason B (who seems to be taking this very well), and Winston fight to get out of town and make unexpected friends along the way. Keeping track of his zombie kills was hard enough, now he has to go hunting for a special zombie too?

As Winston narrowly misses being bit, the "death grip" causes further complications to an otherwise successful quest . . .


On his eighteenth birthday, Winston found himself face to face with what looked like a walking corpse. This corpse was clawing at the window that separated Winston’s face from it. Later he’d name it Jessica since she was his first walking corpse, and after her, he lost count. He screamed when he first saw her, and it was a sound he was not proud of. He would be careful never to replicate it regardless of how close to death he was.

He had seen enough zombie movies to know what he was looking at, but there is always this civilized part of the brain that shuts up the instinct, and the word ‘overreaction’ echoes in the head. That was the only reason he asked the clawing zombie if she was okay and if he should call 911 for her. He felt really, really silly asking her, but God forbid he overreacted to something – can’t be uncool – even when some dude with a white van is clearly abducting you. Why Winston thought of himself as a ‘woman’ in dangerous scenarios was a mystery.

Before moving on, let me tell you a little about Winston. He fits the tall, dark, and attractive description along with toned muscles and six-pack abs (with no way of knowing if those abs went further than the elastic of his PJs). Being an athlete and a fan of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, he had a similar round tattoo situation happening on the front part of his left shoulder.

Now imagine this impressive cocoa specimen screaming like a seven-year-old first thing in the morning when he opened the curtains. He had sort of stumbled backward before he regained his composure to ask the zombie if she was okay.

Much later, he’d find out that these zombies were operating on human instinct/subconscious, which was why his Zombie-kills were mostly female. They would’ve been attracted to him when they were alive, so now, as zombies, they wanted his brains. This theory would also explain why so many kids were unharmed. Since most live adults wouldn’t hurt kids, those instincts played a role. Also, for a virus that preyed on the human brain, it had no use for an under-developed brain of a child until that child turned eighteen.

Most survivors were waiting for some army or military (are those the same?) to rescue them. But it turns out an executive decision was made to save the children first because, being so many of them, they were trapped in homes with zombie parents or walking around in the malls or parks. These children were everywhere, and they were lost.

My Review:

Winston the Zombie Killer And Dr. Z follow eighteen-year-old Winston and fifteen-year-old Jason B. Jason B knows a lot about killing zombies. He has been preparing for a zombie apocalypse for a very long time while everyone including his parents thought he was crazy for doing so. Well, I am assuming that no one (if they are still alive that is) thinks Jason B is crazy now, huh?

Winston the Zombie Killer And Dr. Z was a fun and thrilling ride. It has plenty of twists that kept me hanging on and following these two on their journey to safety as they fought zombies the whole time. There were a couple of unique twists that just made the whole story more exciting or alive so to speak or well, maybe not (I guess it is how you look at it, right?).

Winston the Zombie Killer And Dr. Z was a short read but it packs a punch with lots of zombie fighting. I would definitely love to see more from this group of characters. I would like to see where their stories go next. I would like to see more from this author, Fatima Malik as I very much enjoyed her writing technique.

I highly recommend Winston the Zombie Killer And Dr. Z to all and any zombies fans! One-click your copy of Winston the Zombie Killer And Dr. Z for another great adventure in zombie land!

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Fatima Malik has been alive for a little over a third of a century but she has been telling stories for over two hundred years, because being alive or dead wouldn't stop a true storyteller. Fatima is a quirky Pakistani-Canadian writer who lives in Ontario with her daughter.









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