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The Prince’s One-Night Baby
Juliette Hyland
Published by: Harlequin Medical Romance
Publication date: October 25th 2022
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

The prince is shocked when he unexpectedly meets the beautiful midwife again, but he’s yet to find out the biggest surprise of all… Find out what happens in this captivating royal romance by Juliette Hyland.

A passionate encounter…

…with royal consequences!

Meeting midwife Calla on his flight home makes Dr. Kostas’s long journey far more exciting. Especially when their instant attraction leads to a red-hot layover! But Kostas can offer only one night of pure passion. Because, unbeknownst to Calla, he’s also a prince—with no intention of inflicting the pressures of royal life on anyone again. So it’s a shock to discover they’ll be colleagues at his new clinic…and an even bigger shock is heading their way…

From Harlequin Medical: Life and love in the world of modern medicine.

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“It’s not my reputation that’s the problem, Calla.”

Her name on his lips stilled her feet. But it was his words that lit a fire in her belly. Liam had said it was her upbringing, her lack of societal connections, and her below-average bank account that had riled his parents. Not that her ex had argued with them.

And he’d only been a rich jerk.

Maybe she wasn’t the right girlfriend for a prince, but that didn’t mean he was any better than her. “My reputation is just fine, Your Highness. Maybe it’s not good enough for you.” Angry tears coated her eyes, but she refused to let them fall. “However, I will not be told that I am less than someone else again.”

“Again?” Kostas’s head popped back as he took another step toward her.

Calla straightened her shoulders. “You’re not the first man to tell me I’m not enough. However, we are colleagues and you should act like it. Treat me just like any of the other midwives.” A single tear fell and she wiped at it, furious that she’d lost control. She needed to get out of there; confronting him was a bad idea.

“I can’t do that, Calla.”

His hand gripped her wrist and she hated the heat climbing up her body, hated that she wanted him to hold her even as he dropped his grip. Why couldn’t her body accept what her brain had? Prince Kostas didn’t want her.

Men hadn’t wanted her before. It had stung then, but it ached with Kostas.” “I’m not saying you aren’t enough.” He dragged a hand through his hair then shook his head.

“You aren’t like the other midwives. I’ve never...” He stepped even closer to her, the distance between them shrinking to millimeters.

When he didn’t finish his sentence, she raised an eyebrow and finished it for him. “You never slept with them? Never told them goodbye at an airport, expecting you’d never have to see them again? Never pretended not to know them when fate threw you back together?” The words flew from her lips as she glared at him. Finally, giving in to the hurt and fury his inattention caused.

She’d put herself through nursing school. Come around the world to work on an island where she knew no one. Calla Lewis was perfect the way she was.

“I see I’m interrupting.” Eleni’s voice carried over the room.

Calla blinked as she stepped back from Kostas. The queen looked from Calla to Kostas, her dark eyes holding her brother-in-law’s for far longer than was comfortable. “I apologize. Evan, my bodyguard,” she added looking at Calla, “recommended using the rear entrance. I was on my way back from an engagement and wanted to see if you were coming to dinner tonight, Kostas. I didn’t want the press to worry about the baby, but...” She shrugged. “I’ll see myself out.”

Calla raised her chin, knowing she looked tiny compared to Kostas and Eleni. She mustered the last of her reserves as she met the queen’s gaze. “I’m sorry that you had to hear that. I’d appreciate your discretion, Eleni.”

“You call her by her first name, but me you refuse to use mine?”

“It was a ridiculous complaint, and she chuckled as she grabbed her things. A sad laugh that was the only thing keeping the sobs echoing from her soul. “She acknowledges my presence. I had to trick you to even see you. So, why should I use your name, Your Highness?”

She didn’t wait for a response. Just spun on her feet and walked out of the clinic.

Author Bio:

Juliette Hyland believes in caffeine, hot drinks and happily ever afters! She lives in Ohio, USA, with her prince charming, who has patiently listened to many rants regarding characters failing to follow the outline. When not working on fun and flirty happily ever afters, Juliette can be found spending time with her beautiful daughters, giant dogs or sewing uneven stitches with her sewing machine.

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