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Review Tour + #Giveaway: The Summer Nanny by Audrey J. Cole @GoddessFish

The Summer Nanny
by Audrey J. Cole
GENRE: Thriller


It was the perfect summer job—until it turned into her worst nightmare.

Bridgett is enjoying an idyllic summer as the nanny for Leo, the son of Paul and Emily Cooper—a famous actor and renowned charity founder. Not only is she generously compensated to care for Leo at the couple’s Seattle waterfront estate, she develops a special bond with the little boy. In addition to the financial perks of the job, Bridgett has fallen into a summer love affair with Chris, a landscaper who works at the property.

It’s the Fourth of July. Leo’s parents are holding a major event for their charity at the top of the Space Needle. When a masked intruder breaks into the home and takes Leo hostage, Bridgett will do anything to save the boy’s life. She complies with the burglar’s demands to retrieve a multi-million-dollar heirloom necklace from the home, yet she quickly discovers that he hasn’t come for the necklace at all…

Detectives Blake Stephenson and Tess Richards are celebrating the Fourth at the Cooper’s charity gala where Tess is being honored for her volunteer work. However, their evening is dampened when Tess’s younger brother, Chris, fails to show up for the event. As they leave the event early, hoping to find answers, they learn the security system is down at the Cooper’s mansion…and that Chris isn’t the only one missing from the party.

Get ready for chills and thrills in this Emerald City Thriller Novella!


There was nowhere to hide. The footsteps had almost reached the doorway to the kitchen. Bridgett reached for the handle of a large cast-iron pan. In her panic to pull it down, the pan caught on the edge of the metal hook that suspended it.

The footsteps rounded the doorway behind her. She let go of the handle and dove to the floor. The pan swung like a clock pendulum and clamored against the other hanging pots and pans.

Bridgett crawled behind the kitchen island. She scanned the dining and living room for a better hiding spot. She heard the killer's boots enter the kitchen. Seeing no better option, she scurried on all fours to the dining room and tucked under the dining table.

She tried to quiet her breathing as she looked toward the kitchen. The killer stood behind the island. He reached his gloved hand in the air to still the pan that was clanging against the other pots. He didn't appear to see her under the table. He turned around as if he'd heard a noise behind him.

Bridgett watched him walk straight toward the pantry door and pull it open. Seeing it was empty, he turned and marched past the kitchen island toward the living room.

It wouldn't take long for him to find her. There weren't many places to hide.

She could only see him now from the waist down. The blade in his left hand looked even bigger up close. She focused on his boots. They moved in the direction of the dining room. Bridgett's heart beat so hard against her chest she was afraid the killer would hear it. His feet stopped when he'd halfway closed the distance between them. Bridgett watched them turn away from her, and she knew it was now or never.

My Review:

Bridgett is enjoying spending her summer babysitting for Paul and Emily Cooper, a famous actor and renowned charity founder’s baby Leo. Paul and Emily had a charity event to attend.

Bridgett soon finds that she and Leo are not alone in the house. Someone has taken Leo hostage and to save the baby she must find a neckless for the intruder. Bridgett will do whatever it takes to save Leo as she has become to care for him a lot.

Bridgett spends her night running from the intruder and trying to find Leo. Bridgett has no idea who the intruder is and what they want. Why is the intruder after her? I mean this is not even her home so why?

The Summer Nanny may only have a few pages in it but it is filled with enough action and mystery to fill up a full length novel. The characters are well developed but so in the story. It gives you plenty of information not leaving you feeling as if you are missing anything. No plot holes, no rushed scenes it all flowed along quite nicely and very smoothly. I can’t wait to read more of these characters hopefully in future books.

I would recommend The Summer Nanny for anyone looking for a quick read with lots of action to keep you glued to your seat. 

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Audrey J. Cole is a registered nurse and a writer of thrillers set in Seattle. After living in Australia for the last five years, Audrey has returned to the Pacific Northwest where she resides with her husband and two children.

The book is on sale for $0.99.


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