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Review: Check, Yes, No, or Maybe by Stormie Skyes

Check, Yes, No, or Maybe

by Stormie Skyes

Published: January 15, 2022

Publisher: 4 Horsemen Publications

Genre: Gay Romance, Romantic Comedy, LGBTQ+, Romance


Crappy job. Yes.

Take back an annoying ex. Definitely no.

Hit on the sexy new firm partner looking him over…maybe?

For Aaron Cambrian, life is lived by checklists. No matter how promising, everything - jobs, potential partners, cars, drinks, food, etc. - needs to meet all his criteria or he walks away.

Everything changes one night at the cocktail bar when his best friend challenges Aaron to abandon his list and ask the first hot guy who catches his interest if he can buy him a drink.

Thanks to his old nemesis alcohol, Aaron takes the dare. The next thing he knows, he finds himself in the condo of an absolute stranger! It was supposed to be one drink. One accidental kiss… Good thing he’ll never see the guy again.

Wrong! When the sexy new partner at Kimball & Marks law firm turns out to be the hot stranger, Aaron is faced with a life-changing decision: keep the checklist or lose the hottest, most frustrating man who ever stole his heart.

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My Review:

Check, Yes, No, or Maybe really held my attention from the first page. Check, Yes, No, or Maybe is a hot sweet romantic love story between two very handsome strangers. Check, Yes, No, or Maybe is their story of how they met and became great friends or maybe more.

Check, Yes, No, or Maybe is actually Aaron Cambrian’s story of how he met the most hottest guy on the market more or less or so thinks Aaron. Oh, and he seemed pretty hot to me too. The descriptions of this hot guy were so vivid you wished that he was yours.

Aaron, a nice sweet guy meets a dude in a bar and ends up in his bed. He doesn’t have much memory of that night. But he does remember waking up in a stranger's bed and sneaking out the next morning hoping to never see him again.

Well, no such luck as he showed up at his office as one of the new partners. When Aaron sees the stranger that he slept with he doesn’t think he recognizes him from the other night. Aaron is really hoping he doesn’t remember him or does he? Aaron is just as much attracted to this guy as he was the other night but he doesn’t think he has a chance with a guy like him.

Check, Yes, No, or Maybe will suck you in from the beginning and hang on until the very end. I was so lost in Aaron and the hot stranger's story to the point I didn’t even know that I had reached the end. When I realized it I was kind of sad to see their story had ended.

Stormie Skyes writes characters with such detail and so vividly that you feel as if you have known them all your life and that they are your best friends or maybe that you have met a new friend that you hope to see more of.

I would like to recommend Check, Yes, No, or Maybe to all those romantic fans out there? One-click your copy of this sweet romance, Check, Yes, No, or Maybe today, and get lost in a warm, sweet, and cozy romantic world!  

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